NAC-SCRT Secretariat only communicates with institutions where the Stem Cell Research is being carried out or in the process of initiating Stem Cell Research activities.

The institutions concerned should directly apply to NAC-SCRT Secretariat without involving middle-men/regulatory affair personnel/agent/consultant etc.

All comments/response are communicated only to the institutions that have applied for registration or guidance.

Indian institutions working in the area of stem cell research should constitute and register their Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research (IC-SCR) with the NAC-SCRT.

The following enclosures are mandatory along with the duly filled application form:

Download application and other formats from the ‘Downloads’ page

Click here to submit IC-SCR registration documents online

File naming instructions

IC-SCR Registration Application Form

(Including summaries of all stem cell related projects)

(Create a single word file with all details)

Save file as “Institution name-ICSCR.doc”


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for functioning of IC-SCR in prescribed format

Save file as “Institution name-SOP.doc”

(Eg. AIIMS-SOP.doc)

Latest CVs of all the IC-SCR members

(Create a single word file with all CVs)

Save file as “Institute name-CV.doc

(Eg. AIIMS-CV.doc)

Regulatory approvals of all stem cell related projects (ongoing / completed)

(Create a single file with all approvals)

Save file as “Institute name-Approvals.doc

(Eg. AIIMS-Approvals.doc)

Duly signed declaration

Save file as “Institute name-Declaration.doc

(Eg. AIIMS-Declaration.doc)

Click here for status of IC-SCR Applications

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