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World Health Organization has designated the Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology as Global Knowledge Hub on Smokeless Tobacco (SLT). The primary objective of this hub is to collect/create evidence for harmful effects of tobacco and develop a knowledgebase for different stakeholders. The hub will also work with other agencies to increase awareness about the harmful effects of SLT and evaluate the effects of various programs.

The SLT hub will develop searchable web portal of SLT products available in the countries region wise with information such as manufacturing process, health effects, product constituent’s, prevention and control policies, population based cessation interventions etc. SLT knowledge hub will also collect and analyze the global and country specific data on product specific SLT burden. It will also help in dissemination of the produced material via varied channels to relevant stakeholders (via web portal, consultations at request, training, workshops and conferences)

In the News: WHO hub to check smokeless tobacco use | 7th April, 2016